Uploaded for the sake of convincing Tripod that I do have & deserve access to this account in the hopes that they will be able to update the account to a current email address & change the password so that we can get in & make changes to the account. Thanks.

Okay, here's the deal. I was helping a friend of mine build a website on Tripod. It's a band called Bis Ende, which is German for 'until the end.' Anyway, my friend, whose email address is bisende@yahoo.com, no longer has access to nor remembers the email address registered with Tripod. Besides that, we can't remember the password. Now, I know this is a pretty ridiculous situation, but I can prove to you that we belong there. I had the account programmed into my FTP client program, & I still have the correct password in there. I can get in & upload & all, but I can't tell him the password so his new girlfriend can help him with the page, thus getting me out of it, cuz frankly I don't want to do it anymore. Anyway, I will upload a copy of this letter to the site, under the name of tripod.html. So if you could do me the great service of going to http://bisende.tripod.com/tripod.html, you can see that I do have the 7-character password stored in my computer, but I can't access it. All I get (for my own protection) is a row of seven bullets. . Hopefully this is enough to get my point across believably, & I would appreciate if you could somehow help us by updating the account's email address to bisende@yahoo.com & send the/a password to either bisende@yahoo.com, or broccoli99@hotmail.com or broccoli99@earthlink.net. I understand this is not the proper way to go about this, but hopefully you can understand the situation I am in. If there are further questions that may be helpful in convincing you of my honesty & sincerity, feel free to write to either of the broccoli99 addresses.



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