Christian on Daucus Karota
DAUCUS KAROTA came about from the breakup of one of L.A.'s most original and intense groups, Shadow Project. During the last incarnation of it at least. Mark Barone - bass guitar, Rozz Williams - vocals, Christian Omar Madrigal Izzo - drums.
    In 1993, Shadow Project toured in the U.S. in support of their 2nd lp "Dreams for the Dying." At the end of the month-long tour, Eva O & Rozz split in musical ways. Eva O went on to work on her solo record "Demons Fall for an Angel's Kiss," with the talent help of Paris on organ/piano/keyboards, leaving Rozz, Mark & myself to finish the rest of the tour Shadow Project was scheduled to do in Germany for 2 weeks. So we had to come up with a different band name and write & learn new songs which we did in 2 months or so.
    Everyone in Germany was expecting Shadow Project with Eva and Paris. All the promo posters around the club said Shadow Project was appearing and it was difficult to explain the same story every night, but I must say people received us well. I think they were just so glad to see Rozz perform live and we did do Christian Death and Shadow Project songs, plus our new songs were great as well. Then we came back home to record our only release, "Shrine" on Triple X records. We had the honor of being recorded by legendary drummer Hunt Sales.
    I really wish we had done an entire cd. We had enough songs. I'm not sure what happened. On the German tour, Rozz & Gitane met again for the first time since Rozz' Christian Death days.

- Christian

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