Christian on Chokebore
When I joined CHOKEBORE in 1995, I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know much about the band itself other than they were on Nirvana's final tour.
    Musically I was coming from a totally different spectrum. At the time I was in Trillion Stars which is more sonic than rock. I had just finished playing drums for Rozz Williams and his many projects, and finished up a tour with ex-Gang of Four bass player Dave Allen's solo group. I was also working with Paris of Shadow Project in his experimental instrumental group called EXP.
    So it took me a while to really understand where Chokebore were coming from musically since they couldn't understand any of the things I had done or was doing. You see, they have always been together. They grew up together as youngsters and have only been in that one band. So I was for sure the "odd man out." But I must say they were probably the best thing that could have happened at the time because they took me all over Europe, from Finland to Sarajevo and the South of France, etc.
    The first recordings we did together were recorded by Polar Bear's drummer Biff "Barefoot" Sanders who I was a fan of since his days in Four Way Cross. These recordings were released as a split 7-inch with Hamburg's own Tocotronic for a tour we did together in 1996. They rock. The second set of recordings we did was for Chokebore's third album "A Taste for Bitters" recorded at Black Box where Shellac recorded "At Action Park." Anyone who has heard this record knows how good that studio is. Steve Albini called it "the best drum room in Europe." Recording there was so amazing. Beautiful French farm countryside, a great producer (Peter) and equipment.
    We opened for No Means No, Killdozer and Beck, and made a video in Hamburg all on the same tour. When I was in Chokebore we were always busy during all this. Anytime there was time and if I could get my hands on a bass I would record little bass riffs on my microcassette recorder. This was the beginning of bis Ende and the end of Chokebore for me. They are still touring everywhere.
    I had a great time with them and learned a lot with them.

- Christian

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